MPSGA Statement regarding the 2020 Tournament Schedule

MPSGA Statement on COVID-19

May 22, 2020
The MPSGA is a volunteer non-profit organization whose purposes not only include providing competitive golf opportunities for the membership, but also promoting those values of the game which relate to good health, friendship and fair play.

The current circumstances are challenging our ability to continue to promote good health and friendship while conducting our tournaments.

We want to try to salvage a part of our 2020 season, but safety must be our #1 priority. This includes following all CDC, State of Michigan, GAM and Michigan Golf Alliance guidelines and planning on individual carts for all players. For all events, we need to emphasize: “If you are feeling sick, or know you have been exposed to the virus, you MUST stay home to protect everyone”.

As carts are limited at most of our host courses, we are looking at the possibility of switching to AM & PM starting times (with crossovers) -- and cart cleaning between the AM & PM groupings. As there will be an emphasis on social distancing, we do not anticipate shotgun starts all year. We believe we will be able to work out arrangements with many courses, but not all. And, we need to confirm that while
we will try to do all we can to promote safety; the MPSGA waives, and assumes no liability for players participating in our events.

If you are uncomfortable being assigned a tee time at the tournaments we are able to salvage, we understand. This will be different, but not unlike the way the GAM assigns tee times at their tournaments. Flexibility will be limited. We will carry over the same cancellation policy we outlined when we were forced to cancel the first three May events. If you decide to withdraw, please confirm with e-mail to “”.

Other expected changes will include:

1. Threesomes in most tournaments.
2. An expectation that we can play rounds in 4 hours or less with individual
carts and threesomes.
3. An expectation that individual starting times should be available 5/6 days
before most tournaments.
4. An expectation that clubhouses and restrooms may be closed and practice
range availability might be limited. (Players might plan to to bring
refreshments, snacks and hand sanitizers with them and warm up in
5. A request that players check-in exactly 20-30 minutes before their
assigned starting time (not before) -- and that you bring masks to be worn
at check-in for the safety of all.
6. Any special requested pairings might not be possible. And, pairing
adjustments may need to be made on the first tee.
7. The addition of a “2020 MPSGA Tournament Update” page to the web site
to allow you to stay abreast of changing developments.

Finally, we want to remind everyone that if you are entered in an event that is played and you need to withdraw, our cancellation policy states that we need notice at least 4 days prior to the tournament to receive a credit. This will be especially important this year as we struggle to make the necessary changes and conduct the tournaments in an orderly fashion.

Thank you for your patience & understanding -- please stay safe!

April 28, 2020
Due to safety concerns for volunteers & players, the MPSGA is cancelling the three May, 2020 single-day tournaments at Pheasant Run, Golden Fox and Huron Meadows. All other events are still on the schedule -- for now.

Members who have entered these tournaments will automatically receive credit for future tournaments in either 2020 or 2021. If you would prefer other options, please contact MPSGA membership director/treasurer, Jim Mlynarczyk with an e-mail at “”.

Be aware that our group is in the higher risk category for complications from the virus and we feel it is our responsibility to protect our members as best we can. Golf must be secondary to our health. With that in mind, if you do not feel safe playing in future 2020 events, please let us know that you want to withdraw from any of the other tournaments you have already entered. You may contact Jim at the above e-mail with any such requests. --- The same cancellation policy will apply.

We continue to follow the GAM and USGA decisions to understand if/when they are comfortable conducting their own senior tournaments and what special policies & procedures they put in place.

April 20, 2020
We now expect a number of our earlier tournaments to be either rescheduled or cancelled. Schedule changes will all be contingent on our ability to conduct tournaments safely and in accordance with government health and social distancing guidelines that are in effect at the time of each event.
A further update will be provided no later than May 1.

March 17, 2020
The MPSGA board is closely following the statements and positions of the GAM and USGA in conducting their 2020 events and tournaments. We do not expect to start our own season until these organizations are comfortable conducting their own tournaments.
You can review the most current GAM position on their web site, “”. We anticipate it will be updated regularly as further information is provided by the CDC and the Michigan Dept. of Health & Human Services.


July 27, 28, 29 – Match Play @ Pohlcat in Mt. Pleasant (M,T,W)

[1:00 PM shotgun start on Monday, July 27]

Tournament Date:_______Site:______________________________Tournament Directors:_________Assistants:

July 27,28,29 Match Play - Pohlcat_____________________________Matt Wiley, Ron Williams__Dave Ladensack, Kevin Ryan

August 25, 26 & 27 - MPSGA State Seniors Open-Amateur Championship

[Tue/Wed/Thurs, -- 9:30 AM shotgun starts]
Elk Rapids/Charlevoix Area – A-Ga-Ming (Sundance Course)

Tournament Date:____________Site:_____________________ ___Tournament Directors:_________Assistants:

Aug 25, 26, 27_____State Tour.__ - A-Ga-Ming___________________Kevin Ryan, Matt Wiley____Jim Mlynarczyk, Jim Briegel

September 17 - Tournament of Champions/Scramble, Annual Meeting and Awards Dinner

Thurs, 9:00 AM
Polo Fields – Ann Arbor

Tournament Date:____Site:_________________________________Tournament Directors:_______Assistants:

9/17/2020 Annual - Polo Fields_______________________________Alan Teeter_________Mark Miller, Jim Mlynarczk

Sept 21/22 - Challenge Cup vs. Indiana State Seniors Golf Association

This tournament is a gross competition only.

Tournament Date:___________________Site:______________________Tournament Directors:_______Assistants:

9/21/2020, 9/22/2020 Challenge Cup___Glendarin Hills GC in Angola, Indiana_____Jim Briegel_____________Brian Kuehn